POS-1 device for the destruction of viruses, bacteria and prevention of

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A new development, an apparatus for the destruction of all types of viruses (including the Covid-19 coronavirus), bacteria, fungi and protozoa and the prevention of infectious diseases. Treatment of rooms, objects and personal treatment of the patient with a steam-water mixture containing ozone. Destruction of viruses, prevention of coronavirus and treatment !!

Compared with bactericidal irradiators, the apparatus has the following advantages

  • fast processing of premises and objects (in a few minutes)

  • full treatment of premises and objects (including places inaccessible for direct irradiation)

  • full volumetric individual processing of humans and animals

  • destruction of viruses in the nasopharynx and lungs of the patient by inhalation (using the method of hyperbaric oxygenation)

The ozone-containing steam-water mixture produced by the device neutralizes the activity of all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Unlike many antiseptics, this mixture does not have a destructive and irritating effect on tissues, since the cells of the body have an antioxidant defense system. It is a versatile, environmentally friendly, efficient and cheapest disinfectant.

The POS-1 device is intended for the prevention of infectious viral diseases and the reduction of the infectious load by the method of hyperbaric oxygenation or spraying a steam-water mixture saturated with ozone.
The device is designed for use at home, in beauty salons, etc. It is applicable for personal use during self-isolation during a viral pandemic for disinfection of premises, household items and water, for treating skin surfaces, oral and nasal areas and nasopharynx.

The device is used:
- for disinfection of air space by ozonizing rooms with a volume of up to 30 cubic meters. m. As a result of ozonation, the concentration of viruses of pathogenic microflora decreases, the concentration of toxic substances decreases, and the likelihood of respiratory diseases decreases. The duration of one ozonation procedure is 7-10 minutes.
- for the disinfection of the external surfaces of household items and means of professional activity, provided they are placed in a closed volume (boxes, boxes, bags, boxes). The duration of one procedure is 10 minutes.
- for hyperbaric oxygenation of skin surfaces, including the oral and nasal areas, nasopharynx, respiratory organs and others for the purpose of sanitizing in case of presence or threat of viral or bacterial infection. The duration of the procedure is up to 1 minute.

Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination in 2020, 12 months warranty

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