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We will buy all your leftovers in agricultural chemistry! We will buy herbicides, we will buy insecticides, we will buy fungicides and other goods.
We will buy your leftover agricultural chemistry, buy herbicides, buy insecticides
Sizarin - plant growth stimulant 220 грн.
Siarin root growth stimulant
Seed treater Bizar insecticidal 300 грн.
Preparation for pre-sowing seed treatment
Biological product for plant protection against fungal and bacterial diseases
Herbicide Milano 297,40 грн.
An analogue of Milagro
Herbicide Prime 297,40 грн.
Analog Prima
DISCOUNTS FOR GREENHOUSES - 45% PROMOTION 1 + 1 = 3 ORDER two greenhouses and get a choice of drip irrigation kit for 2 greenhouses or 3rd pair
⏩ VATAN PLASTIK. BUY Vatan Plastik greenhouse film || ⏩ Greenhouse film 150 microns TURKEY
Selling fertilizer Vermicon and Vermicon stimulant.
Insecticide FOSORGAN DUO KE (chlorpyrifos) of 5 l, "AHT", Ukraine Contact and intestinal insecticide of a wide range with systemic action, acaricidal
Selling biohumus and growth stimulant Vermicon
Titus is a systemic herbicide for the protection of maize and potatoes against single and perennial cereals, as well as against some dicotyledonous weeds
Agricultural services for insecticide protection of sunflower crops.
Herbicide Roundup Max. Original 3 100 грн.
Herbicide Roundup Max. Belgium. Original
I will sell liquid fertilizers Quantum Platinum
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